Challenges of being self-employed

Lemieux Nolet’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer solutions tailored to the challenges posed by the self-employed worker’s indebtedness. To do this, they’ll assess your financial situation without ever losing sight of your major concerns: your debt and your income. They provide invaluable help to indebted self-employed individuals.

Contact one of Lemieux Nolet’s Trustees to reduce your stress and get back on the road to success.

Are you in one of these situations ?

Reached borrowing capacity

You’ve invested in your business until your borrowing capacity is reached ? We could find a positive outcome to your situation and ease the repayment of your debts. You may pursue your activities while exploring debt relief options as the consumer proposal and the personal bankruptcy.

You are under pressure !

As a self-employed worker, you have all the pressure on your shoulders. We know that you have to generate a decent income to support your business and your family. When things don’t turn out the way you want them to, Lemieux Nolet Trustees can help.

It’s Tough to Be in Business

Are the startup costs higher than expected and your income lower ? Lemieux Nolet’s trustees can help you benefit from their experience with financial situations of self-employed workers.

Active Lifestyle

Your monthly cost of living does not allow you to pay your tax balance when the time comes ? Lemieux Nolet’s trustees have solutions to get you out of this situation and protect you from the government’s recourses.

Loss of an Important Client

A self-employed worker often does not have the time to combine work and prospecting. Losing an important client can put your financial health at risk. Before that dig’s a ditch, contact a Lemieux Nolet trustee.

The Tax Man Is Hungry ?

You have not made your personal tax instalments because the bill is too steep ? What to do ? A consumer proposal filed by a Lemieux Nolet Trustee could allow you to spread the repayment of this debt without interest.

A meeting that changes everything !

At Lemieux Nolet Insolvency Trustees, your first contact is with a Licenced Insolvency Trustee, not an advisor or a financial recovery councillor.

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