Help the entrepreneur regain control of his finances

An entrepreneur always wants to be in control of his business finances and avoid bankruptcy, but there are times when confusing situations prevent him from doing so.

If you manage a business whose stability is compromised by accumulated debts and you are personally in debt, contact a Lemieux Nolet trustee. They will not only help you see clearly through it all, but also save your business and your personal assets.

Are you in one of these situations ?

Bad credit score

Are the personal loans you took out to keep your company a float affecting your credit score ? Your business can’t reimburse you ? We can design solutions to this problem !

Government Debt

The government is pressing you to pay off your financial obligations and that’s stressful ? Thanks to Lemieux Nolet’s trustees you could draw up a proposal that would reduce your government debt !

High Start-up Costs

Are your business’s start-up cost higher than expected and your income lower ? Is the future looking bleak ? Know that there are solutions available to you ! Lemieux Nolet’s trustees are there to provide them to you.

Are you a personal guarantor ?

Your business has ceased its operations and the bank is coming after you as a personal guarantor ? Our trustees can make a proposal to help you come to terms with the bank.

A meeting that changes everything !

At Lemieux Nolet Insolvency Trustees, your first contact is with a Licenced Insolvency Trustee, not an advisor or a financial recovery councillor.

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