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Indebtedness is a difficult situation that causes stress for a great number of Quebecers. For 2019, the province of Quebec has reported nearly 45,000 insolvency filings. 90 % of these filings were indebted individuals who used the services of an insolvency trustee. Thanks to these professionals, they were accompanied through these hardships.

A meeting that changes everything !

At Lemieux Nolet Insolvency Trustees, your first contact is with a Licenced Insolvency Trustee, not an advisor or a financial recovery councillor.

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    A trustee will contact you to discuss your preoccupations and establish a plan for your fresh start.

    Are you in one of these situations ?

    Job loss

    You just lost your job because of the pandemic and this is having a disastrous domino effect on your finances ? Stay calm : Lemieux Nolet Trustees can reorganize your finances and spread the payment of your existing obligations over a 60-month period with a consumer proposal.

    Maxed Out Credit Cards

    You are unable to make the minimal monthly payment on your credit cards ? A trustee can help alleviate your burden. With a consumer proposal, he may offer your creditors the reimbursement of a fraction of your debts.

    Indebted Retiree

    With retirement, your expenses have decreased but never as much as your revenues ? Have you used up all of your borrowing capacity ? Lemieux Nolet’s Trustees can help you remedy the situation and lower your financial stress.

    Fragile Health

    You have health problems and they have significantly affected your revenues ? To stop financial distress and retrieve the peace that is salutary to your recovery, a Lemieux Nolet Trustee may protect you from your creditors by filing a procedure under the bankruptcy and insolvency act.

    Collection agencies

    Know that Lemieux Nolet Trustees may protect you from your creditors threats and recourses by filing a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy.


    You are living through a divorce and your expenses are multiplying ? Lemieux Nolet Trustees can help you establish a financial restructuring plan.