Insolvency is a situation where an individual or business cannot repay its debts on time. A person becomes insolvent when they are unable to reimburse their creditors.

If you feel that you will never be able to repay your debts and feel overwhelmed and stressed, you may be in need of help.

There is nothing wrong with seing a trustee and taking control of your finances.

Online self-directed learning material

The Federal Government has developed online self-directed learning material for the Insolvency Counselling Program.

This program was designed for people who have filed an insolvency proceeding under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA).

You will find the link for both sessions here under.

processus de consultation en insolvabilité

First online session :

Introduction to the Insolvency Counselling Program

The insolvency counselling program is part of the insolvency proceeding regulated by the federal government. Its goal is to provide you with the right tools and the right knowledge to help you overcome your insolvency.

This online program from the federal government will help you get your finances in order and plan for a more secure financial future !

This is an opportunity for a fresh start !

The program is here to help !

Second online session :

Setting and achieving financial goals

You should now be approaching the end of your insolvency proceedings. This module aims to prepare you to take charge of your financial situation after insolvency. It will provide you with tools to help you stay on track.

Your financial goals will serve as a guide to help you define your path and stay on it.

Setting financial goals will help you take control of your future! This step is an important component of your financial success.

Information for Your First Meeting With a Lemieux Nolet Trustee

To help us give you the best advice when it comes to reducing your debt, please take the time of consulting this list of documents that can help us get a clear picture of your financial situation. If you don’t have them in your possession when we first meet, that’s okay! To learn more about the process specific to Lemieux Nolet trustees , click here.

A Team of LIT’s

Lemieux Nolet’s Trustees Quebec team is qualified to meet the needs of people with regard to debt and insolvency problems. Our team is made up of licensed trustees, professionals who have the legal licence granting them the right to manage the bankruptcy process and enter into agreements with creditors.

A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is a professional who knows the law and, most importantly, who knows how it protects you. Often times, the law protects you more than you think.

A trustee is therefore a precious and legitimate ally for anyone whose debt has become excessive, even unsustainable, and who wishes to get out of it.